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Happy Founder's Day

Posted by efcheer8 on 03.25.2009 at 07:46
Just wanted to stop by to say HAPPY FOUNDER'S DAY to all the Sig Delts!!!!

92 years and still going strong!!!


Posted by trojan_love on 05.26.2007 at 03:16
Current Mood: happyhappy
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself as I'm a relatively new and very excited Sig Delt!

Name: Cassie

Chapter: Mu

School: University of Southern California

Hometown: West Los Angeles

New Memeber Name/Nickname: didn't get one as a sig delt, but in Alpha Gamma Gamma I was Cinnabun

NM Semster: Spring 07

Positions Held: Website Chair, Assistant Recruitment Chair

Current Positions: same as above

Anything else: Just love being a Sig Delt!


Posted by freebecky on 03.07.2007 at 18:34
Looks like the Mu Chapter at USC has recolonized :)

Posted by efcheer8 on 08.21.2006 at 13:00

Hey ladies,
I have been thinking about New Years Eve recently and was wondering if people were planning on traveling to NYC for NYE this year. It will be one big SDT adventure!!!
Elena :) :)


New =)

Posted by verbena_blue on 07.15.2006 at 21:15
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Name:  Ashley
Chapter:  Gamma Chi
School:  SUNY Geneseo
Hometown:  Buffalo, NY
Pledge Name/Nickname:  We don't really do that...    Haha
NM Semster:  Fall '04
Positions Held:  Standards Committee, Community Service chair, Torch writer, NME Committee, Asst. New Member Education
Current Positions:  President...woo =)
Anything else:  Kind of in love with this sorority...P.S.: Convention '06 -  Who the heck else went?! =p

Phoenix Alumnae Association

Posted by snlgirlie on 06.04.2006 at 21:49
Hi ladies. As many of you know my name is Jenni and I'm a recent graduate from Florida State University. I'm going to be a full-time doctoral student in Arizona at the Arizona School of Health Science pursuing my Doctorate in Audiology. I have made contact with an ODK Circle out there to become active in their ASU Chapter, the Florida State Seminole Club of Phoenix, as well as the Panhellenic Alumnae Association...however there is no known Sigma Delta Tau Alumnae Organization there. Personally I want to see a chapter in Arizona within the next 4 years, so if you know ANYONE in Phoenix who is an alumnae member of SigDelt please pass on my information. I'm getting in contact with the greek life at ASU as soon as I have more than 2 members (Myself and a wonderful woman named Melody) in our Phoenix Alumnae Association. Below is what I  would appreciate any of you would forward to your chapter or to any woman in particular who might be in the Phoenix Area.

Hello Sisters, my name is Jenni Thomas. I am an alumnae Sigma Delta Tau from the Florida State University. It is my hope to set up an active Phoenix Area Sigma Delta Tau Alumnae Association within the fall of this year. If you are moving or currently reside in or around the Phoenix Area please contact me at: jenni.thomas.sdt@gmail.com

Thank you for your time, please pass my message on! Love in Sigma Delta Tau- Jenni

Posted by _cantcalmdown on 05.06.2006 at 12:47
Name: Carrie
Chapter: Gamma Lambda
School: Florida State
Hometown: Orlando
Pledge Name/Nickname: None
NM Semster: Fall '05
Positions Held: Vice President of Pledge Class
Current Positions: Senior Chair and hopefully Exec one day : )
Anything else: Just hoping I can meet new sig delts and girls write in this more often! x0x

gasparilla pub crawl
Posted by stuffbysteph on 04.13.2006 at 23:25
I'm not sure exactly how to do this so here's my info:
Name:Stephanie Snowden
Chapter: Gamma Lambda
Pledge Name/Nickname:none
NM Semster:?
Positions Held:none
Current Positions:none
Anything else:Hmmm...I've been out of college a REALLY long time. I am a fifth grade teacher in Tampa, Florida. Life is good. Nice to meet every

Posted by cloudytears on 03.29.2006 at 11:36
Hey! Thanks for letting me join, I'm real excited to meet some other sig delts. :)

Here's my info:
Name: Lisa
Chapter: Delta Alpha
School: Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI
Pledge Name/Nickname: Alpha Gamma
NM Semster: Fall 2005
Positions Held: Public Relations
Current Positions: Public Relations
Anything else: I ♥ sdt! :)

How did winter recruitment go for all of you guys? We just initiated 13 (or something around that) which is HUGE for our tiny little chapter.

Family - Lion King
Posted by nyyhoneybee on 03.25.2006 at 03:04
Happy Founder's Day!

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